Inspired by the fiery bird that rises from it's own ashes, inhale the scents of peppercorn, citrus and cinnamon while burning this crisp, spiced candle.  Topped with quartz crystal gems and carnelian stones, this Phoenix Fire candle captures the ancient fury and elegance of the Phoenix. 


Top Notes: Citrus, Cinnamon, Peppercorn
Middle Notes: Apple, Berry, Mandarin
Base Notes: Pecan, Vanilla, Tonka Bean


*Note: Every candle is handmade and every crystal and stone are handplaced! This means that no candle will look the same. Each candle is unique, so colors and stones will vary slightly. The larger crystals in each candle have a hole in one end so they can be used after the candle is burned and gone to make jewelry or any other craft you want to use it for! To retrieve the gems from the candle, let it burn  until the wax is melted and the gem can be seen. Blow out your candle and carefully use tweesers to get the stones out of the wax. Remember that the wax will be hot, so take care not to burn yourself.