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Enhance Your Fantasy Stories with Spellbinding Scents

  • Non-Toxic Fragrances & Natural Wax Blend

  • Crackling Wood Wicks

  • Handmade with a Personal Touch

  • Fantasy Inspired Scents/Smells/Blends

“Truly Lovely”

“I absolutely LOVE how the lilac comes through in this scent. It was the perfect addition to my recent watch through of the LOTR trilogy. Definitely feels like sitting in the Shire in the spring.”

- Brianna D.


 Firelight Alchemy: How We Make Our Candles

Every fantasy candle consists of the following material components :

Coconut Wax.jpeg

Coconut-Apricot Cream wax that is is vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and comes from renewable sources.

Wooden Wicks.jpeg

Natural Wooden Wicks sustainably sourced from FSC certified mills and manufactured in the USA.


Fragrance Blends that are phthalate-free and exclude all hazardous materials included on California’s Prop 65 list.

Ancient Library.jpg

Reusable Jars and Tins that can be repurposed in a variety of ways and forever avoid the landfill!


Crafted by a candle “alchemist” with 8+ years experience of keeping people healthy

Lord of the Rings? Dungeons and Dragons? Harry Potter? 
Our relaxing fragrances will sink you deeper into the fantasy stories you love.

The Story Behind the Spellbinding Scents

"How cool would it be for my players if, when we got to the dark, mysterious forest, the room actually smelled like a forest!" 


That’s what started Firelight Fables…a random thought by a fantasy nerd (me!) wanting to add something special to my Dungeons and Dragons campaign. 


But after one or two sessions, I realized adding good smells is more than just fun: candles can enhance fantasy story-telling by immersing players in the scenes and settings. 


No matter what kind of story… book, movie, or game… the right scent turns leisurely escapism into a truly magical experience. 


Combining my love of fantasy with my career in health and wellness, I was able to craft non-toxic wax candles, hand-poured out of my home in Oregon.


The end result: a clean candle that physically brings your favorite fantasy worlds into your home … immersing you in the story like never before!


And also… they smell really, really nice. :) 

Ready to Give Firelight Fables a Try?

Click the button below to start your fragrance-filled journey now by claiming your free tealight samples! Just pay the $10 shipping!

Fantasy Fans Everywhere Find Our Candles Magical

Candle Review 3.jpg

"Firelight Fables’ Middle-earth Collection is a huge part of my creative process. Tolkien is my favorite source of inspiration to pull from. When I turn on Howard Shore’s score and light Kasey’s candles, I’m transported to Rivendell or The Shire. The scents turn the knitting, writing, and editing into an adventure and make me feel like I’ve got Gandalf over my shoulder guiding the way."

- Nicole L.Y., @commonthreadfiber

"My favorite things to do while I burn candles is read, play video games, or get ready for cosplay, and Firelight Fable candles are always so immersive! The crackling wood wick adds yet another level of immersion. I really do feel transported to Hogwarts, in front of a fire and in my sweater when this burns next to me. And come the new Hogwarts game release date, these candles will be a must have while I explore Hogwarts to its fullest!"

- Kenny M., @hiraethfire_cosplay

HP_Candles 2.2.png

"I use Firelight fables candles when I craft and especially when I want to take the immersion of my D&D games to the next level! I’ve never had a Firelight Fables candle I didn’t love. Even my wife takes them from my gaming room to burn throughout the house!"

- Jay's Tabletop Terrain, @jays_tabletop

"I love using the Greek Underworld candles to create the perfect ambiance while working on my webcomic (also based on Greek mythology, so of course I had to get this collection!) These candles are wonderfully scented and immediately transport me from my studio to the supernatural landscape of the Greek underworld. It's an absolutely fantastic way to immerse myself in the ancient stories and settings and really helps get my creative juices flowing!"

- Rink, @kellerybird

Candle Review 2_edited.jpg
review 9_edited.jpg

"Firelight Fables candles are truly an immersive experience! The perfect ambience for curling up with a favorite book, or to fully transport me to a world of my own creation. The crackling wicks are so soothing and perfect for a concentrated writing session. Never yet has there been a scent I didn’t like—one for every occasion!"

- Lena K. T., @lenakarynn

"Firelight Fables changed the way I use candles. Now I don’t use them just to smell nice but to match a mood. I love to use them for Dungeons & Dragons while DMing, planning, playing, or even as an addition to watching movies or playing video games. Vampiric Kiss is my favorite candle of all time. If I need a dark, broody smell to help bring me to Barovia it is the ONLY candle I will pick. It invokes feeling of misty forests, love sick vampires, and cursed souls. The quality and care that goes into these candles is unparalleled."

- Kelsey M., @viciousdicery

Hobbit cheers.jpg

"I used Halflings and Pipe-weed for our Hobbit party. It helped set the mood and the party all loved the crackling sound from the wooden wick!  My husband is especially obsessed with the scent of this one. He lights it as part of his morning ritual while enjoying coffee. From the little scroll with a poem, to the envelope with wax seal, to the curated Spotify playlist for each candle- I am instantly transported to the realm of fantasy and imagination, fueling my creativity."

- Betsi Nemeth, @enchanteddreamgardens

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