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Our Story

        Firelight Fables was inspired by a desire to enhance fantasy story-telling through creating an immersive experience.


        This all started when I, Kasey, a lover of fantasy stories and a player of tabletop roleplaying games, started running a tabletop fantasy RPG game with friends. The scene I set for my adventurers took place in a misty forest. As I prepped for the game, I thought, "How cool would it be if it actually smelled  like a forest." This launched me on a creative journey to bring the ambiance of my games to the next level. I imagined other's reading Tolkien by firelight while inhaling the fresh scents of the Shire, watching a pirate film with an aroma of salty ocean air filling the room, or bringing to life a rustic tavern while playing their tabletop games.

        As I began creating, I knew I wanted to be conscious of the ingredients I used in my candles. I wanted a line of candles that I felt safe using because they were made from high quality, toxin-free fragrance and wax, but still were beautiful with great scent throws. I searched to find clean fragrances infused with essential oils and chose a natural wax base to use for my candles. After years working in the wellness industry and knowing that ingredients in candles can impact our personal health, I feel fully confident saying that these candles are a clean burn! For more about our candles ingredients, click here.


        My candles are hand-made in small batches in Oregon. From label design to scent creation to hand-pouring to shipping, I do it all! I hope you get the chance to experience the adventure with Firelight Fables candles.


Happy Adventuring!


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