Meet the Maker of Firelight Fables Candles!

Hi there! My name is Kasey Cleary and I am the founder and creator of Firelight Fables Candle Company!

Firelight Fables was inspired by a desire to enhance fantasy story-telling experiences through a more immersive experience. And make some awesome, health-conscious candles.

Fantasy Inspiration

Growing up, I was inspired by the tales of Middle-earth. My father read The Hobbit to my sisters and I at a young age. We played with action figures of members of the Fellowship and I even dressed up as Legolas for Halloween. Bow, ears and all! (See photo below. You're welcome.)

We often reflect on a story about when my dad read to us little girls the part in The Hobbit where Thorin Oakenshield died. My sister Maddy looked at him and asked, “What do you mean he died?”. My dad told us, "Well, he died.” And she and I started crying. Such a fond memory of our innocence that we all look back at and

giggle over now.