Meet the Maker of Firelight Fables Candles!

Hi there! My name is Kasey Cleary and I am the founder and creator of Firelight Fables Candle Company!

Firelight Fables was inspired by a desire to enhance fantasy story-telling experiences through a more immersive experience. And make some awesome, health-conscious candles.

Fantasy Inspiration

Growing up, I was inspired by the tales of Middle-earth. My father read The Hobbit to my sisters and I at a young age. We played with action figures of members of the Fellowship and I even dressed up as Legolas for Halloween. Bow, ears and all! (See photo below. You're welcome.)

We often reflect on a story about when my dad read to us little girls the part in The Hobbit where Thorin Oakenshield died. My sister Maddy looked at him and asked, “What do you mean he died?”. My dad told us, "Well, he died.” And she and I started crying. Such a fond memory of our innocence that we all look back at and

giggle over now.

As a young girl, I would spend my time writing and reading fantasy

tales. My sisters and I would play mermaids in our little backyard pool and pretended we were wizards and werewolves with our neighborhood friends. Our bedroom was lined with posters of Lord of the Rings and Twilight characters and our parents even got us a Legolas standee for Christmas. Nerdy much?

A few years ago, my youngest sister introduced our family to Dungeons and Dragons. That started a fun adventure of playing sessions with our family during the Holidays and with friends from my church.

Firelight Fables came about when I started running a tabletop fantasy RPG game with friends. The scene I set for my adventurers took place in a misty forest. As I prepped for the game, I thought, "How cool would it be if it actually smelled like a forest." I tried to diffuse some cedarwood essential oils I had sitting around, but it just didn't do the trick.

Creating Firelight Fables

This launched me on a creative journey to bring the ambiance of my games to the next level. I imagined other's reading Tolkien by firelight while inhaling the fresh scents of the Shire, watching a pirate film with an aroma of salty ocean air filling the room, or bringing to life a rustic tavern while playing their tabletop games.

​As I began creating, I knew I wanted to be conscious of the ingredients I used in my candles. Having spent years working in the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer and nutrition coach, I wanted a line of candles that I felt safe using because they were made from high quality, toxin-free fragrance and wax, but still were beautiful with great scent throws. I searched to find clean fragrances infused with essential oils and chose a natural wax base to use for my candles. Knowing that ingredients in candles can impact our personal health, I feel fully confident saying that these candles are a clean burn!

My candles are hand-made in small batches in Oregon. From designing labels to picking out my fantasy-themed scents to wicking and pouring to designing the website and shipping candles out, I love each step of the process that gets these candles into your hands! I hope they bring your stories and adventures to life!

A Little More About Me

When I am not making candles, reading nerdy books or playing fantasy RPGs, you will find me working out, spending time with friends and family, playing disc golf, singing in the shower, chilling with my cat Bast, doing escape rooms with my fam, cooking new, healthy meals and creating all sorts of digital content. I live in a little town in Oregon with my husband, James and I believe my purpose in life is to glorify God in everything I do, (although I drastically fail at this every day, thank goodness for grace!).

Thanks for sticking around to learn more about the maker of these candles. God bless and I hope you have an incredible day!

Happy adventuring.

Kasey Cleary