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“Firelight Fables” - The Story Behind the Name

Hi friend! Kasey here, the founder and creator of Firelight Fables Candle Co., and I wanted to share a little about how I came up with the name!

It really is a simple story. When thinking about the concept behind my candles - enhancing fantasy story-

telling experiences - I pictured people reading their books with my candles crackling beside them. I imagined a story being created through a tabletop RPG, like Dungeons and Dragons, and that story (or Fable) being enhanced by the scent and firelight the candle emitted.

So that is where the name - Firelight Fables - came from, picturing fables being told by firelight!

It excites me knowing that these candles aren’t just yummy scents made with healthy ingredients, but they are also bringing to life the

stories that make us smile, cringe, laugh and cry, and allow us to exercise our imagination and creativity!

If you have any other questions about how Firelight Fables came to be or just want to share how using these candles have enhanced your story-telling experiences, then comment below!

Happy adventuring!

Kasey Cleary


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