Slender, white birch trees envelop a quaint village deep within the woodlands. Crisp, golden leaves fall, painting the ground while a cider press churns nearby. Notes of fallen leaves, apple cider, and white birch.


Enjoy being transported to a small, woodland village nested in the heart of a birch forest where children splash in a quiet creek and families prepare for a fall feast! This candle is the perfect fall scent to transport you to an autumnal forest.


Autumn Woods first premiered as a limited edition Storytelling scent in the fall of 2020, and because you loved it so much, we've brought it back featuring a new look! Note that instead of an 8.5 oz jar, it now comes in a luxurious, matte jar holding 10 oz of wax!




Top Notes: Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Chrysanthemum

Middle Notes: Pine, Apple, Green Leaves, Cypress

Bottom Notes: Tonka Bean, Pecan, Cedar, Smoke