Ahoy, me hearties! Come aboard, batten down the hatches and get ready to experience the life of a pirate on the high seas! Inspired by tales of pirate lore, these candles seek to transport you to the deck of a sea-worn ship sailing off into the horizon in search of treasure and adventure. Snag one of each scent at a discounted price. Note that the 10oz jars hold more wax than previous collections, so you get more bang for your buck!


The bundle includes one of each of the following:



‘Twas a ship raised from the depths of the sea with sails dark as a moonless night. Crewed by the damned and a fabled captain, the ghost ship sails seeking accursed, ancient gold. Notes of earthen oak, sea salt, vanilla and woody sage.



A sun-scorched leather hat, a broken compass, a knack for trouble and a bottle of rum in hand. “Drink up me hearties, yo ho! Yo ho, a pirate’s life for me.”

Notes of smoked leather, aged sandalwood and golden rum.



A seafarer’s eyes are set on the darkening twilight expanse. A flash of emerald green erupts on the horizon in the sun’s final moments, signaling the return of a soul from the depths of the locker. Notes of tart fruit, subtle pear and gentle white musk.



‘Twas a Goddess of the sea, as untamable as the sapphire tides. Entrapped in human form by a lover once scorned, the ocean calls, awaiting her release. Notes of sweet agave, watery aloe and chrysanthemum petals.



An unexpected friendship blossoms into forbidden love. A touch of destiny seals their fate, pirates forever drawn to each other and the ocean tides. Notes of water lily, white cedar, lush peach and sweet cherry blossom.



Gentle, turquoise waves brush the beaches of a boisterous pirate haven. Captains search for liquor and swashbucklers to aid in their high seas adventures. Notes of fresh cut melon, island coconut and palm leaves.


  • Wax: Each candle is made with a luxurious Coconut-Apricot Cream wax blend. Our wax is vegan, gluten free, toxin free, paraben free, phthalate free, and comes from renewable sources!


    Wicks: Our crackling wood wicks bring a natural magic to our candles. Enjoy a multi-sensory experience of smell sound, and sight that takes you right into your next adventure. 


    Fragrances: Our premium clean scent fragrance blends are phthalate-free and exclude ingredients that are known carcinogens, reproductive and organ toxins and other hazardous chemicals. Made with fragrance oils & essential oils. This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils including orange peel.

    Packaging: Our packaging is earth friendly! Our glass jars and tins are perfect for re-creating your own treasure boxes.

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98% would recommend

Product Reviews

Perfect Woodsy Smell


Kate N.

All of Kasey's candles are delightful but Dark Forest is by far my favorite. The fresh and earthy scent easily fills each room in my home. Listening to the crackle of the wood wick makes this candle all the more mesmerizing!




It smells like a fireplace at Christmas! It's definitely not overpowering, but I get a hint of it every time I enter my room. I haven't burned it yet, but I can't wait for how much that crackling wick will enhance it!

Lovely sampler


Van C. Allen

I ordered some samples so I could order my wife a full size and I think we'll be getting more than one- almost every scent is something we'd love to have in our home (and the ones we liked less we still liked!). The presentation was lovely and well thought out and the owner, Kasey, threw in a few extra tealight samples to try!

Incredible candle!


Van C. Allen

I ordered a tealight sample pack for my wife so we could choose a full size candle for their birthday- this was by far our favourite scent of the bunch! Very clean and... majestic? Yes. Majestic. And the presentation of even just the samples was so lovely, can't wait to order the full size!




I’m a Gryffindor through & through, but this smells like HOME. Like visiting ma & chilling with the family while dessert is baking in the oven. I absolutely love it!