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6 Candle Care Tips & Tricks

When I first started making candles, I didn’t realize there was a wrong and right way to burn and care for my candle!

How did I not know this?”, I thought to myself.

So if that is you as you read this post, don’t worry! I was right there with you.

Knowing how to properly utilize your candle is not only important for safety, but can also help you get more burn time and scent out of your candle.

1. Burn until wax reaches the edge.

If you don’t let your wax burn all the way to the edge of the rim during each burn, tunneling can occur.

“Tunneling” is when wax is left around the ridge of the candle, and is often not burned during future uses. This wax then goes unused, and you miss out on the scent and hours of burn time that wax would have given! This is most important during the first burn and usually takes 2-4 hours depending on the diameter of your container.

I highly recommend burning until the wax reaches the edge of the candle during all burns, but it isn’t the end of the world if you don’t!

2. Trim Your Wick.

You should trim the wick to 1/8 to 1/4 inch every time you go to light your candle. If you don’t, problems can occur. The wicks can build up soot that leads to excessive flickering and/or smoke.

Keeping it trimmed makes your candles safer and also prevents it from curling back into the wax.

You can use wick trimmers or simply a nail clipper to trim!

3. Burn in the Appropriate Space for Your Candle size.

If you burn a small candle in a big room, you aren’t likely going to be able to smell it.

Our tealights, meant to be samples, will not fill a room, but can be used to smell what the scent will be like and are best burned right next to you, such as on a desk or next to a bath.

Our 2.7 oz candles are best used in smaller spaces, like an office, bathroom or bedroom.

Our larger 8 - 10 oz candles will fill larger rooms. If your space has high vaulted ceilings, it may need a bit more burn time to fill.

Keep in mind that open windows or drafts can help spread or limit a candle fragrance throw.

4. Discontinue Candle Use at the Right Time.

For a margin of safety, discontinue burning a candle when ½ inch of wax remains in the candle tin or jar.

At this point, you can clean out your jar and reuse it for your own storage or decor!

5. Burn In and On a Safe Space.

Make sure you burn your candle on a heat resistant surface to avoid any danger or scarring on your surface.

We would hope this is obvious, BUT JUST IN CASE it isn't, please be sure there are no flammable materials near your burn space. 😄

Some of our fragrances are infused with essential oils, so we recommend checking with your vet technician about any fragrance you plan to burn around your pets!

The essential oils used in each candle are listed in the ingredients section on the product page. When burning with pets around, make sure to keep the flame out of reach of the animals and never leave your candle unattended.

6. Clean Out Your Jar or Tin for Reuse.

To clean and reuse, clean the wax out of the jar.

You may also be able to simply scoop the wax out with a spoon without freezing because our wax is very soft.

You can also follow the directions in this video if you want to save the leftover wax in the bottom of your jar for a wax warmer, and want more detailed instructions for how to clean out your jar.

There! Now you are a candle care expert!

If you have any other questions about candle care, please feel free to reach out to me via our website or our email at 😊

Happy adventuring friend!

- Kasey, FFCC Founder & Resident Candle Wizard


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