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Christmas Shopping For a Potterhead? Find Their Scent With This Candle Gift Guide​​

Our New Wizarding Winter Collection Has Something for Every Harry Potter Friend, Family, and Fan


It’s the holidays, and there is a Potterhead you love that needs a gift. And since they already have a Gryffindor scarf, wand replica, and even a potion kit… a Harry Potter scented candle seemed like the perfect thing to transport them to Hogwarts.

Now, obviously, the best gift you can give them is the entire wizarding winter collection and save yourself 15$ (pictured above).

But… I understand if you might be hesitant to just throw $75 at a basket of candles… which means you have to choose wisely to find the perfect candle.

Which begs the question: which candle is best? And more importantly, which candle is best for YOUR person?

If you get the wrong candle, you missed out on a great chance to get your friend what they want…

…from the friendship…

Enough sad attempts at references! Here is a list of all our candles in the Wizarding Winter Collection and the types of people they would be perfect for.


Frosted Village Candle

Hallmark Christmas Movies have made their mark on modern culture. There are more than enough for any Christmas-obsessed person you know to spend most of the month of December without leaving the couch. But despite how many cute towns in New England there may be, none are as adorable as Hogsmeade.

A splendid village crowded with dark wood buildings, thatched roofs, smoking chimneys… all pulled together with gently falling powdered snow. It's the quintessential winter town; more picturesque than a Thomas Kincade painting.

If only it existed... it would be the perfect place for your friend to shop in a cute peacoat... and maybe run into a gorgeous high school ex that runs the family Christmas tree farm...

But Hogsmeade is more than the perfect Hallmark village... its also the home of Honeydukes! And though Halloween was just in the rearview mirror, the Holidays (no more "H" things!) are also a favorite for anyone with a sweet tooth.

And as Ron said, “They have everything”, which I assume would include the boxes of mini candy canes, chocolate coins, and reese's trees. So if you know they are going to already get boxes of chocolate truffles… try a candle this year instead!



Some people like to go on wild adventures, risking their lives in the Forbidden Forest and destroying Horcruxes. They don’t want to walk around freezing in the snow-covered streets of Hogsmeade. Some simply don’t want to manage any mischief whatsoever.

They just want to hop on a big red couch, bundle up in heavy blankets

around a fire, and hang out with friends.

This candle is the perfect holiday gift for those people that do everything they can to keep themselves cozy. Snow outside? Let's play a board game by the window. Trouble at school? Let's gossip about it and scheme solutions around a roaring fire.

So whether it is peppermint cocoa, hot wassail, or the blackest of coffee... this candle is for the friend who likes hot drinks in small groups of best friends... and maybe speak with relatives through fireplaces.



But for other people, the common room isn't nearly big enough. They say things like “Board game? More like BORED game… amirite?!?!” They don't want to lounge in a living room... but celebrate in a banquet hall! For them, Christmas is best when the dining room is full of family who have traveled far, feasting together at tables full of roast turkey and Christmas pudding!

These are the people who are the life of the party. They sing a Christmas carol and actually expect everyone in the room to sing along. They are forever wishing they had a house big enough to fit everyone they could possibly invite. They are not satisfied unless the heat of a roaring is dwarfed by an atmosphere warmed by good cheer.

So if your loved one belongs in a thoroughly decorated great hall lit by thousands of candles and a big, BIG Christmas tree... this is the Christmas gift for them!



No fantasy is complete without a dark, brooding tavern... a place to enjoy a pint, swap secrets, and perhaps be up to no good. Though, at the Three Broomsticks, you are more likely to be invited to a supper party than get in a fist fight. Guess even fantasy bars change when you let minors in...

So who to give this candle to? It's tricky... because unless you know someone who loves whiskey and cigars, the match is not obvious. But of all the candles, this one evokes the feeling of a deep, one on one conversation.

So maybe a childhood friend you catch up with at the local bar? Or perhaps the one getting their masters, eager to step out of any 'Great Hall style banquet' in favor of a private chat in the hallway? Or a grandparent who wants to maintain that old, charming smell in their study?

Or just maybe for your cousin who loves Butterbeer... that works too!



We all make Christmas lists for our friends and family to pick from. And while it is so, so much easier... it can be less exciting to open, and requires less thoughtfulness from the gift-giver.

That's why when someone finds the perfect gift for you... or better yet, hand makes you a gift... you know they really care about you! Even if it is an infamous, maroon, scratchy sweater that is rough around the edges... the gesture means so much more.

This candle is for the "Molly Weasley's" of the world. These people who craft truly unique gifts with a personal touch, or simply go the extra mile to let people know they are loved.

Why do they do this? Because they know that deep down, we all harbor doubts that we don't really belong... that we aren't wanted. And nothing says "you are a part of my family" like spending hours on something fit for no one else.



The "holiday season" has a lot of holidays. And we all have that one friend whose favorite holiday is, somehow, New Year's Eve. 10/10 times they would prefer an elegant ball gown to an ugly Christmas sweater.

Most people are comfortable decorating cookies in the kitchen. This person is refined... sophisticated... fashionable. They prefer to effortlessly waltz in a silver, ice covered ballroom while all watch in admiration and the full orchestra plays deep into the starry night...

Why are they this way? Who knows. They were excited while everyone at middle school cotillion was nervous. In high school they were comfortable doing their hair and make up and had no problem finding a prom date. And they have somehow never, EVER been awkward in front of their crush.

Get this candle for the rare being who echoes royalty and belongs at the Yule Ball.



So many great options to choose from! The only problem is this: what if the person you are shopping for meets several of those descriptions? What will you do!

Don’t worry, we got you covered!

You can get samples of any of the 6 candles in our Winter Wizarding collection!

And here’s the best part… we’ll give it to you free! You only have to pay shipping!

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