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Creative Ways to Use Our Immersive Candles

Want tips for creative ways to immerse yourself in magical worlds using our fantasy inspired candles? Here are some ways our our FF fans enhance their fantasy storytelling experiences with our spellbinding scents.

Here's How Members of the Firelight Fables Community Use Their Candles

"I love using your candles when we have our D&D nights. My party loves them and they really add an extra element to the sessions. The other night we used Dungeon Delve for a trip into some catacombs (pictured right) and it was fantastic!" - Tiffany, Feather Fall Dice


"I love using the candles for when I’m reading a fantasy book. There’s nothing better than having scents create an atmosphere that transports you to another world. They’ve brought me a new experience while feeling like I’m actually in the story and not just cozied up in a chair."

- Kelsey K.


"I mostly use candles when I'm gaming (pictured right) since it is one of the ways I decompress after a long day." - Aurora S.


"I love using my Firelight Fables candles for reading on rainy days. I sit by the window, watch the mist float through the trees, and listen to the hypnotic crackle of the wick burning! Also I find myself having the best naps while doing this - inevitably I drift off to sleep on the couch (often dreaming about the book I'm reading) and always wake feeling refreshed. (Of course the candle is in a very safe space away from any fire hazards!)"

- Wyndser J.


"I really like burning them whenever I do anything creative at all, like scrubbing lanterns, making costumes, and reading, but I especially love them when I draw (pictured right)! I also use them to accent other projects I do, even mundane ones like cleaning or doing laundry. They relax me and make me feel like I’m a hobbit doing chores!" - Ella M.


"My husband and I love to burn Firelight Fable candles while we are gaming both online and with miniatures. My husband said how much he loved the candles and how they help us have an immersive fantasy experience! They smell amazing and are such beautiful quality!" - Jana


"There are so many fragrances that are all fabulous (I have a problem and have already tried 16 different ones)! I love picking out a unique

one to prep for an online Role Playing session, or cozying into bed to read." - Karigan M.


"I love to burn the candles while playing D&D (pictured right) to add an extra layer of ambiance! It really adds to the experience. I also burn them while I draw as a way to relax and when I do yoga to help center myself."

- Rebecca K.


“I love burning my Firelight Fables Candles while cleaning and anytime we have company over. Burning them while cleaning helps to add to that sense of clean and freshness for me. While burning the candles for guests provides a nice homey atmosphere for them.” - Ciara and David


"I absolutely love lighting my Firelight Fables candles when curling up with a good book. The scents bring being immersed in a fantastical world to a new level. The candles smell amazing and the amount of care that went into making them is apparent. They are made with safe, clean ingredients, which is important to me. Firelight Fables candles are a must for any lover of fantasy or books." - Lauren Victoria M.


"I love using these candles to put me in a good head space for playing DnD with my friends on our podcast, and even after recording, I love to continue burning these candles (specifically Dark Forest) while I'm editing the pod." - David, Elemental Dungeons Podcast


"I love to use these while I play DnD! It makes the atmosphere extremely immersive and they always fill the room with amazing smells of taverns and libraries! My party can’t wait for me to bring more!"

- Isabelle D.

Do you have other creative ideas about how to use our candles! Share your thoughts in the comments!

Thank you to all you wonderful fantasy lovers who shared! If you have any questions about the scents, please feel free to reach out to me via our website or our email at

Happy adventuring friend!



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