Creative Ways to Use Our Immersive Candles

Want tips for creative ways to immerse yourself in magical worlds using our fantasy inspired candles? Here are some ways our our FF fans enhance their fantasy storytelling experiences with our spellbinding scents.

Here's How Members of the Firelight Fables Community Use Their Candles

"I love using your candles when we have our D&D nights. My party loves them and they really add an extra element to the sessions. The other night we used Dungeon Delve for a trip into some catacombs (pictured right) and it was fantastic!" - Tiffany, Feather Fall Dice

"I love using the candles for when I’m reading a fantasy book. There’s nothing better than having scents create an atmosphere that transports you to another world. They’ve brought me a new experience while feeling like I’m actually in the story and not just cozied up in a chair."

- Kelsey K.