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The Complete Guide to Magical Fantasy Forests

Everything you need to know in order to create your own magical, enchanted woods in your fantasy stories and D&D campaigns.

The ideal fantasy forest

Have you ever wondered why it seems like every fantasy story, movie, and video game takes place in a forest? Sure it probably involves a knight in a castle... but sooner or later they will mount their steed and ride into the local woods.

But it's not just trees, isn't it? These fantasy forests are almost always enchanted: filled with monsters and magic. And think back: are they bright, sunny places... perfect for a picnic? No... they are dark, dreadful, and dangerous. And they have captured human imagination for centuries.

Wiki defines "enchanted forests" as dark, unknown, dangerous places.

Which begs the question... how did we get this trope? And how do we create this archetype for ourselves?

The following blog posts answer three questions:

  • “How did we get the fantasy forest trope?”

  • “What are the essential elements of the "magical woods"?”

  • “How do I create my own enchanted greenwood for my fantasy stories and Dungeons and Dragons campaigns?”

Enjoy :) and if you ever want to bring the woods into your home,

dark forest candle


a magical forest

woods vs forest

Science woods healthy

Psychology of nature

fairy and fairytale forest

 Industrialization destroyed woodlands

medieval forest folklore

modernity and disenchantment

divine woods of myth

forests in ancient world

"Why All These Posts About Trees and Stuff?"

Great question! Turns out the copywriter who wrote this (Riley) and I share an affinity for the feywild and enchanting stories, and noticed that there was nothing online that really dived into the topic.

dark forest candle

Plus, of all my candles, Dark Forest is one I am most proud of and one of my top sellers. So why not highlight its success with its own blog series!

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Riley Rath

Based out of Spokane, Riley is a freelance copywriter that combines his love of reading, writing, and people into something useful! He is thankful to be applying his passion for imaginative role-playing to help DnD related businesses communicate their value in the best way possible. He's kinda like a bard giving inspiration, except without the annoying pop covers!


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