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These Four D&D 5e Beginners Should Play The Sorcerer As Their First Character

Sorcerer’s Are D&D Casting Made Simple

Hey you.

Yes… YOU! The one interested in playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Do you want magic, but want to avoid long hours of studying in the library like a Wizard?

Does camping like a Druid bore you?

Are you tired of Clerical religious observances and moral bankruptcy of your Warlock patron?

Well, do I have the perfect solution for you… the Sorcerer!

By the power of inheritance, you can cast from a magical inner trust fund… and avoid all the hassle of training, ritual, and relational manipulation.

Read on to find out more.

Sorcerer is For Characters That Don’t Like Learning

As stated above, all of the spell casting character classes in D&D require the character be some form of student: artificers study physics, Druids study the trees, Clerics study the gods.

But sorcerer’s don’t have to do any of that stuff; they were just born magical. Sorcerers are special snowflakes who scored a jackpot on the genepool because their great grandfather was a dragon, or their mother was a genie, or they were born in the midst of an elemental storm, etc.

The sorcerer subclasses are known as bloodlines, allowing you to not only choose your sorcerer origin and how they got their magic, but also some bonus upgrades as well:

Aberrant Mind: Sorta a Sorcerer version of a Warlock. A Far Realm alien has given you psionic powers rather than magic. Move stuff with your mind, warp space, use eldritch tentacles… the works.

Clockwork Soul: Infused by powers from the outer plane of order, Mechanus, you now bring order to a chaotic world. A complex but powerful subclass that is defense oriented.

Divine Soul: Forget magical beings… these sorcerers, like Hercules, are demi-gods! Whether angelic or demonic, you are a sorcerer with a supercharged ability to heal. Oh, and you also will get angel wings.

Draconic Bloodline: The “OG” sorcerer. Some dragon was your ancestor. Now you speak dragon, can have dragon scales, and eventually get dragon wings. Shockingly few downsides.

Shadow Magic: An heir of the Shadowfell, you get all things gloomy, dark, and edgy. You can see in the dark, step across shadows, and get your own hellish- dog companion. You love death so much you are literally hard to kill.

Storm Sorcery: An elemental plane of air - specific sorcerer can mean only one thing: LOTS of thunder and lightning. Control winds as a magic pirate.

Wild Magic: Undoubtedly the most FUN of the subclasses. The magic within you is so chaotic that every time you cast a spell there is a chance of a random magical effect!

For more info on each subclass, check out RPGBOT.

The Sorcerer is For Players Wanting Simple Spellcasting

sorcerer casting fireball

Spellcasting can be tough for new players. They are just getting the hang of the rules, and suddenly they have to also learn a bunch of spells that break all those rules. For example… by level 9 a sorcerer can know 10 spells. But the wizard? They might have 4x as many in their spellbook.

The sorcerer is an excellent option for new players because

A) They have less choices of spells to choose from and

B) They know a very small number of spells.

But never fear, the sorcerer is far from boring due to their unique Meta-Magic ability. Each sorcerer has a certain number of points that they can use to break the rules of their spells!

Want to cast two spells at once? Use Quickened Spell. Want to make sure your friends don’t get incinerated by Fireball? Add Careful Spell and keep them safe. Need to cast a spell even though you have been captured and tied up? Subtle Spell allows you to cast without all the necessary components!

The Sorcerer is For Players That Want to BLAST Things

Prismari Pledgemage sorcerer
Prismari Pledgemage by Marta Nael

There are hundreds of spells in Dungeons and Dragons, but not every character class has access to every single spell. There are Wizard spells, Bard spells… so on and so forth.

For sorcerer’s, there is one type of spell that dominates their spell list: long range, high damage attack spells. In other words, as a sorcerer, you are a magic dealing CANNON (Zee Bashew has a video that shows this perfectly).

I’m not only talking about classics like Fireball, but also spells like Lightning Bolt, Ice Storm, and Meteor Swarm (yeah… you can drop freaking space rocks on people).

Keep in mind, you might be powerful, but most sorcerer's A) only have light armor and B) have the lowest dice for their health (a measly d6!). This is why they are affectionately known as “glass cannons”... boy can they dish it out, but boy can they certainly NOT take it back!

The Sorcerer is For Players that Want to Be the Avatar

A lot of D&D players are also fans of Avatar: the Last Airbender (probs cuz they are both awesome). And given that Aang was a monk, a lot of players assume that the best way to replicate the Avatar in D&D is by choosing the Monk class, specifically the Way of the Four Elements subclass.

But, actually, sorcerer is a much easier way to go. In fact, you can be the Avatar as soon as you start, at level 1 due to A) sorcerer cantrips and B) elemental spells.

Cantrips are spells that you “cast for free”... they don’t require spell slots… which means you can ALWAYS cast a cantrip. And because Sorcerer’s have such a small number of spells that they know, they are given more cantrips than anyone else in the game.

Which means, at level 1, your character can cast Mold Earth, Shape Water, Gust, and Fire Bolt. Boom… you are now an earth, water, wind, and fire bender. And as you level up, you can mix and match which elemental spells you want to learn (sorcerers tend to be able to learn ALL of them)!

So, is the Sorcerer Class right for you?

We hope this inspires these types of people to try playing a Sorcerer!

On that note… if you love immersing yourself deeper in fantasy stories and games, we promise our scented candles will whisk you away to adventure.


Riley Rath

Based out of Spokane, Riley is a freelance copywriter that combines his love of reading, writing, and people into something useful! He is thankful to be applying his passion for imaginative role-playing to help DnD related businesses communicate their value in the best way possible. He's kinda like a bard giving inspiration, except without the annoying pop covers!


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