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Immerse Yourself in Magical Realms with Captivating Coastal Scents

Enhance your fantasy storytelling adventures and spark creativity with our coastal scents designed to transport you to magical realms, as well as igniting inspiration for your hobbies and crafts!

Dungeons & Dragons Candles

The scents in our Coastal Explorer’s Pack are crafted to enhance your fantasy storytelling experiences, whether you're diving into a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, reading a maritime novel, crafting a pirate cosplay or simply dreaming of distant shores. 

The scents include Mermaid Lagoon, Captain's Quarters, Shipwreck Isle, and Verdant Jungles - the perfect portals to realms filled with rugged shorelines, majestic mermaids, pirate ships and dense jungles.

Here are some ways you can pair these scents with fantasy tales, hobbies and crafts to create a more immersive and inspired experience!

Mermaid Lagoon

The Mermaid Lagoon candle transports you to a mystical sanctuary, where the air is filled with enticing melodies and the gentle lapping of crystal-clear waters.

Light the wick and be transported to a hidden lagoon, where notes of water lily, fresh mint, starfruit, and lime fill the air.

Mermaid wood wick candle


  • Dungeons & Dragons :  One-Shot Wonders: The Sunken Crown is a fantastic one-shot where players are enlisted to aid the research of a sunken artifact far beneath the waves, on the outskirts of a Merfolk city.  Capture the underwater ambiance with our Mermaid Lagoon candle as your daring adventurer’s brave coral fields, giant sharks, and whatever sea-crets this ancient crown possesses. 

D&D mermaid encounters

Here aresome other fun mermaid and siren related D&D resources we've loved:

Some other fun mermaid-themed games that pair well with this candle are Aquaria, Mermaid Swamp, and Shantae and the Pirate's Curse.

  • MoviePeter Pan (Animated) or Peter Pan (Live Action) - Feeling nostalgic?  Give either of these Peter Pan movies a watch while burning this candle to move you to the fantastical shores of Neverland!  Keep an eye out for mermaids, pixie dust, and any flying fairies as Peter Pan fends off Captain Hook’s nefarious plans to take over the island. And beware if you hear the tik-tok, tik-tok…

  • Crafts: Beach Crafts & Mermaid DIYs - The Magic Crafter. Looking for trinkets, charms, or costume enchantments?  Check out this youtube playlist of easy, DIY crafts for anyone looking to feel like they can take on the sea and look the part of an alluring mermaid!  

If you love terrain crafting for your D&D games, we have personally crafted these Underwater Terrain Tiles by Tabletop Witchcraft and LOVE them for our underwater adventues. They would make a great underwater cave where Sirens store their treasures in the depths of their lagoon.

  • Music: To create an even more immersive burning experiences, we've created a playlist for any mermaid encounter one might have. Give it a listen here

Immerse yourself in the rich and adventurous scent of the Captain's Quarters candle. Light the wick and be transported to a seasoned mariner's private haven, with notes of teakwood, cardamom, caramel, and pipe tobacco. 

This candle immerses you into a world of maritime mystery, where every burn reveals a new chapter in the captain's storied journey

D&D Pirate Campaign


D&D party snacks

  • Video Game: Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – As the lashing waves push past the powerful bow of your ship towards your next conquest, whether that be an unexplored island of unknown dangers or giving chase to your rival pirate captain, the Captain’s Quarters candle is a must-have to explore the open seas of the Eora. Let the robust and commanding scent evoke the feeling of being aboard a grand ship on a quest for glory in this seafaring, roleplaying game.

D&D jungle adventure ideas

Other videogames we love to pair with this candle are Sea of Thieves, Sid Meier's Pirates (what a throwback, but it was so great!), and Monkey Island (also an epic throwback).

D&D Nautical Adventures
  • Dungeons & Dragons: If you are looking to start a nautical adventure, try out The Curse of Skull Island, a 2-4 hour level 1 adventure that walks players through the character creation process, including the process of character building, how to play, and new resources for the DM. It includes fun sea-inspired subracces and subclasses, such as Sea Dragon and the Mariners Ranger Conclave. Here is an in depth review of the adventure for more details. The "Wedding Crashers" one shot adventure from the One Shot Wonders anthology is another great companion to this candle. Your party is responsible for keeping the peace at a wedding ceremony of two pirate captains. It is perfect for level 5-6 adventurers.

D&D pirate campaigns

This candle also makes a great pairing for the Ghosts of Saltmarsh 5e campaign.

  • Crafts/Hobbies: Now, let's talk renaissance faires and Halloween! Our local ren faire often has themed weekends during the summer, one of which is Pirates! If you want to craft your own pirate costume to the scent of Captain's Quarters, here is a costume tutorial for ladies, and here is a costume tutorial for men.

If you love crafting terrain for your D&D games, be sure to check out this tutorial

for creating a pirate themed temple.

Shipwwreck Isle transforms your space into a windswept coast, where the remnants of ancient shipwrecks tell silent tales of lost voyages and ghostly sailors. 

As the candle burns, the refreshing aroma of warm sand, beachwood, and hints of sea salt and coconut fill the air.

Dungeons & Dragons Beach Candle

Here's some tales you can pair this scent with for more immersive experiences.


  • Video Game: Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag - Step into the sand-coated boots of Edward Kenway, a pirate and Assassin, navigating and conquering the Caribbean Sea in a time where lawlessness and hidden treasure are abundant. 

D&D candle accessories

Shipwreck Isle matches the gameplay of scouring underwater shipwrecks and watery coves across the coasts of Nassau, Kingston, and more!

  •  Dungeons and Dragons: One-Shot Wonders - Return the Favor.  After a human is saved from drowning with his sinking ship by a Merrow, your party is asked for aid to find his savior amongst the dangerous rocky coastline and wreckage.  Light up the Shipwreck Isle candle as your party searches the waters between seaweed and wreckage in hopes it is not too late!

Other adventures we love with this candle are The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh and The Savage Tide, a free 5e module for leveles 1-20.

  • Crafts and DIY:  If you are looking to add some flare and props to any game or puzzle, or simply want to flex your DIY skills - check out this video by VanOaksProps to craft a simple treasure chest for any ocean-themed scenario while burning this candle!

If you are a terrain crafter for your D&D campaigns, this Beach Terrain craft is perfect for helping set the scene for your PC's adventures.

Don't love that strategy? Here's another way to make some beach tiles!

  • Book: Lighting the Shipwreck Isle candle while reading The Odyssey will enhance your journey through Homer's epic tales of adventures, Greek gods, monstrous sea creatures, and daunting islands. Travel with Odysseus through his trials, victories, and failures throughout this epic collection of stories from ancient times. 

  • Music: Head on over to this themed playlist, hand-crafted by us to transport you to any beach you decide to park your ship on!

Verdant Jungles immerses you in a dense, mysterious jungle, where every rustle and whisper hints at hidden treasures, colorful creatures and ancient secrets. 

As the candle burns, grassy fern, fresh rain, cucumber, and aloe bring to life the rich, leafy forest and hidden blooms of this dense, verdant paradise.

D&D Jungle Adventure Candle


  • Video Game: Tomb Raider Franchise – Join Lara Croft in this videogame as she navigates through dense terrain and ancient ruins, with the scent of Verdant Jungles enhancing the sense of danger and discovery. 

tomb of annihilation dnd accessories

Survive against the natural and supernatural threats around every tree trunk and in ancient ruins you must trek through on your way to victory. 

  • Dungeons and Dragons:  Tomb of Annihilation - Dinos, curses, and death - oh my! Travel through the cursed jungles and mountains of Chult to discover why the denizens of this peninsula have been afflicted with a life-sapping curse.  Plunge yourself into the mystery and dangers of Chult’s forest with the scent of Verdant Jungles, making your moments alongside allies - and foes - even more vivid and memorable.

Tomb of Annihilation Accessories

Lost City of Mezro and Jungle Treks are also great adventures/additions to your ToA escapades.

And don't miss out on these 10 Jungle encounters by 2 Minute Tabletop.

We also love this with the "Foes in the Foliage" one shot in the One Shot Wonders Anthology, where your party must help a druid protect an awakening treant deep within the rainforest.

  • Movie: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle – I mean come on...who doesn't love this move? Enjoy a fun and comedic adventure of friends sucked into a fantasy-game world, watching the characters face perilous challenges and uncover the secrets of the jungle until they can return home. The fresh, natural fragrance of Verdant Jungles will transport you right alongside them, deepening your immersion as they fend off enemies of Jumanji and discover new friendships along the way.

Tie this together with the Jungle Bird Cocktail Recipe and some safari inspired snacks and you have the perfect movie night on your hands!

  • Crafts and DIY:  Amidst the gnarled treetops and the dense plantlife, many varieties of creepy crawlies and bugs in the air thrive within the jungle itself.  Check out this blog for a natural, essential oil bug spray to add to your adventuring packl to smite those bloodsuckers on your jungle escapades!

Again, if you are a terrain crafter for your D&D Games, this is a great tutorial by

Black Magic Craft that shows you cheap ways to create jungle temple terrain for your D&D games.

We hope this blog post has shared some incredible tips on how to transport yourself to a breathtaking coastline. Whether you dream of sandy shores or rocky cliffs, the suggestions offered here can help you embark on a journey to these majestic seaside destinations.

dungeons and dragons candles

Let the salty breeze and unique scents transport you to imaginative realms, sparking creativity for storytelling, hobbies, and crafts.

Where will you drop anchor next? 

Share in the comments below and Happy questing!


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